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NEWSText: Aya Shomura

Coleman Brand Movie “Welcome The Unexpected!”

welcome_the_unexpectedColeman Japan’s brand movie “Welcome The Unexpected!” has launched on March 31st, which was produced by JKD Collective. It’s an online movie that 4 Japanese rappers has performed as freestyle; with no previously composed lyrics, about splendor of outdoor life. The artists are Chinza Dopeness, Dengaryu, Tipleso and Big Ben.

This movie consists of 2 parts; the first half is a road movie that they locate the campsite with overcoming unexpected happenings, and the second half is their freestyle session in front of campfire. It is quite impressive that the very frolicsome artists who get over a car stalled, sudden rain, burnt chow mien and a campfire that can not be easily ignited in the first half, but remarkable point is the freestyle session of fully improvised in the second half.

These freestyle rappers have composed lyrics like an art of words with instrumental beats and expressed the philosophy of Coleman “Welcome The Unexpected!” in very ingenious way. Now it’s a chance to listen to their chemical reaction through the camping experience that actually unexpected happenings had happened one after another in the great nature.

Coleman Brand Movie “Welcome The Unexpected!”
Enterprise: Coleman Japan co,. ltd.
Release date: March 31st, 2016
Artists: Chinza Dopeness, Dengaryu, Tipleso, Big Ben
Music: Olive Oil
Director/Editor: Sojiro Kamatani
Creative Director/Producer: Bruce Ikeda (JKD Collective)
Production Companies: JKD Collective, ROBOT Communications
Agency: Beacon Communications

Text: Aya Shomura

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