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NEWSText: Aya Shomura


“Mobium”, a mobile bus museum to celebrate the 10th anniversary from the start in 2005, performs “Mobium Final Tour” from March 15th to April 3rd. Mobium is a bus as a communication media itself, has been visited various places, and developed a mobile media projects dealing with environmental information.

For example, with using the information of location and environment, they have been also carried out the experiments of board experience type work to changing by the field and mobile workshops carrying a digital processing equipment as a mobile lab, in recent years. However, due to the body aging and the expansion of exhaust gas regulations area, they will again visit the destinations that they had toured as a final.

While exchanging ideas about the move along with the project members over a period of 1 year, Mobium equips with the produced works. Not only exhibition Mobium, activity report meeting and some events will he held also. Why don’t you visit the tour venue?

Mobium Final Tour
Date: March 15th – April 3rd, 2016
Places on tour: Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences/IAMAS(3/15), Nagoya University, Higashiyama Campus “Toyoda Auditorium”(3/17), City of Matsumoto(TBD, 3/19-20), Take Space FabLab Hamamatsu(3/21), Awajishima Art Center(3/23-24), Beppu Pprject(3/25-26), Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media/YCAM(3/27-28), City of Kyoto(TBD, 3/30) and Yahiro highti(4/3)
Organized by MOBIUM

Text: Aya Shomura

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