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NEWSText: Aya Shomura


Till June 14th, an exhibition “GOMA IN THE LIGHT” is holding at digmeout ART & DINER in Osaka. GOMA is a “Didjeridu” player and painter continuing to evolve. He had been working as the Australian Aboriginal instrument player which is said to be the world’s oldest wind instrument, but in 2009, the Residual higher brain dysfunction was left, as diagnosed with traumatic brain injury having traffic accident.

After the accident, soon he suddenly began to draw colorful point drawings with a dense and primitive brilliance, in 2010 his first solo exhibition to collect the social interest also been featured in TV and newspapers. Even now he lost a part of the past memories, while suffering symptoms such as not be maintained long a new memory, since then announced a movie “Flashback Memories 3D” taken GOMA’s returning. As he got the Audience Award of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival and the Best Asian Award of South Korea Jeonju Film Festival, continuing to receive attention.

For this time, exhibiting latest works theme as “IN THE LIGHT” emanated from the natural, which especially he prefers to draw, including others from 450 works all he has been drawn without stopping since the accident. And on 13th, the 3D movie will screen at the place and he play acoustic guitar as live performance.

The Painting World of GOMA, traveling to persue the light

Date: June 3rd – 14th, 2015
Opening hours: 11:30 – 24:00 (Till 2:30 on Friday & Saturday)
Place: digmeout ART & DINER
Address: 2-9-32 Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Tel: +81(0)6 6213 1007

Text: Aya Shomura

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