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4AD, CD compiled & designed by Wolfgang Tillmans

4AD, CD compiled & designed by Wolfgang Tillmans

Celebrating Colourbox and their music’s inspiration on German artist, Wolfgang Tillmans, the first non-English winner of the Turner Prize back in 2000, Music of the Group (1982 – 1987) opens in Berlin Saturday Sept. 13th. Taking place at his gallery space, Between Bridges, the exhibition is the first in the Playback Room series, running until the 25th of October.
This is the first in a series of exhibitions and events that aim to give a dedicated space to the playback of recorded music. It is considered normal that in order to see original works of visual art one can visit a museum. However there is no dedicated space or place where one can go to to hear the works of musicians with the studio sound quality that the original recording was made in.


Live music has dedicated spaces, whereas recorded music has none. This does not do justice to the fact that to many musicians the very essence of their work is the recorded final version of a song or album. Months of studio time have gone into creating a work with optimum sound quality. In contrast to this effort 99.9% of music playback is on commercial, domestic or portable devices not fit for perfect sound reproduction. Digital compression in recent years has caused a more and more wide-spread low sound quality in playback.

Undoubtedly music is a huge inspiration to visual artists, and many hold pieces of recorded music in the highest esteem. When attempts are made to bring music into art galleries, it is often done by using visual by-products, rarely by ‘showing’ the music in dedicated spaces equipped with the highest standard speaker systems. The Between Bridges project Playback Room is hoping to encourage a critical discussion of this divide.

For Colourbox – Music of the group (1982 – 1987) the larger space of Between Bridges will become a playback room equipped with a high-end hi-fi sound system. A sequence of 16 songs will be played. The actual carriers of the recordings will be on show in the entrance space of Between Bridges: a display of original mastering tapes, 2″, 1/2″ and 1/4″, and the records, which were published by the independent label 4AD, London and were designed by the much acclaimed designer Vaughan Oliver, will be available to be handled by visitors. A list of transcripts of the original sound samples used by Colourbox will be displayed at the entrance on the gallery walls.

A 16 track CD of Colourbox songs, released by 4AD at the occasion of this exhibition, is available at the gallery or can be ordered via 4AD

Between Bridges
Date: September 13th, 2014 – November 25th, 2014
Opening hours: 12:00 – 18:00
Place: Between Bridges
Address: Keithstrasse 15, 10787 Berlin

Text: victor moreno

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