NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

Namiko Kitaura “revolution/recurrence –back to the source–” Creation: Namiko Kitaura (Photographer) Cooperation: Tsutomu Fujimoto (4K producer)

International exhibition of contemporary art of collaboration between “handicapped people” and “professionals” from various fields”, Yokohama Paratriennale 2014 will be held at Zou-No-Hana-Terrace in Yokohama. This event will aim to create opportunities of meeting and collaboration by art and contribute to the realization of the community which everyone realize their role and whereabouts.

As international artists, artistic co-director of Candoco Dance Company, Pedro Machado, the most Remarkable artist Mikhail Karikis who has a plan his exhibitions in Florence, Portugal, and as national artists such as the designer of the fashion brand minä perhonen, Minagawa Akira, Kitakyushu & Asia Whole Country Dance Concours, Barrier-free section, Challenger Award winner, Kazuyo Morita, the dance team “SOUL FAMILY” and other various artist will show exhibitions, performances, and projects.

Yokohama Paratriennale 2014
Date: August 1st – November 3rd, 2014 (core period August 1st – September 7th)
Place: Zou-No-Hana Terrace
Address: 1 chome, Kaigandori, Nakaku, Yokohama
Tel: 045-661-0602

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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