NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

A brand new art space is opening in a renovated Taisho era building in Sapporo. Aiming to promote the current creative scene in Hokkaido with an interdisciplinary approach, MUSEUM will hold its pre-opening on the 17 May 2014, with its proper opening in early June.

“All department stores will become museums, and all museums will become department stores.” – Andy Warhol

Recent developments in the arts and creative industries have seen the blurring of boundaries between art and design, commercial and non-commercial, ordinary and extraordinary. With this context in mind, the creative complex “MUSEUM” will open in Sapporo as a space that exhibits artworks centered around our contemporary life style. MUSEUM aims to raise the profile of works from Hokkaido to its local people and beyond.

Sapporo is proud to be home to a number of outstanding creators and brands, with many more budding creatives following their path. However Sapporo’s small market size remains a barrier for the industry, as it cannot cater for those who want a career in the arts or those who want to open independent stores to showcase their craft. As it stands, many creators will be forced out of Hokkaido in order to realistically look for new markets where they can develop their career. To counter this trend, it is imperative to let the local Hokkaido population know that Sapporo has a strong creative scene, abounding with outstanding crafts and artworks. Hokkaido needs to stimulate its own market, in order to become a base for all of these up-and-coming creative businesses. In response to these needs, MUSEUM built a store that sets outs to become the main hub for the creative industries in Hokkaido, in cooperation with Hokkaido Creators Association (Chairman: Toshitsugu Watanabe, President of T-Three. co., Ltd.) and also many other people from various fields.

An Experimental Shop of Hokkaido Design “MUSEUM STORE” and a Gift Shop “SOUVENIR HOKKAIDO” will be open at the 1st floor, an Art Gallery “Clark Gallery + SHIFT” will open in the 2nd floor in early June, and Membership Salon will open in the 3rd floor.

MUSEUM STORE brands are KAMISHIMA CHINAMI (Fashion), ESTHER (Fashion), AI KOMORI (Jewelry), MIDORI KAMBARA (Fashion Jewelry), 24K (Bag/Ezo deer leather products), gla_gla (glasswork), ASCHE YAMAMOTO (Ceramics) and so on.

The press conference by the producer Toshitsugu Watanabe and designers of the brand which will be sold at “MUSEUM STORE”, and also pre-opening event (invite only) will be held in Friday May 16th. Visit their website for more information.

Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday) *TBD
Address: 6, South 3, East 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Space design: Jun Igarashi (Jun Igarashi Architects)
Whole direction: Taketo Oguchi (Shift Production)
Tel: 011-596-7752 (from May16th) (from May16th)

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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