NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

Nam June Paik Art Center‘s Summer Special Exhibition ‘Learning Machine’ will open June 27th.

The Learning Machine exhibition which was inspired by the educational implications of ‘art as experience’ created by Fluxus artists in the 1960s is intended to show ‘art’ as a field of teaching and learning. These artists experimented in a new relationship between ‘an artist creating experiences’ and ‘the audience as a co-creator,’ pioneering various artistic forms of expression such as happening, event, game art, mail art, and so on. Their experiments dissolved the sharp distinction between an artist and a viewer and brought about the concept of the ‘creative citizen’ who has creativity and spontaneity. Some of their artistic forms like Fluxus kit and event that connected art to everyday life presented the educational model of learning through experiences through direct experiences, conversations, cooperation, and liberation of meaning.

Learning Machine
Date: June 27th – October 6th, 2013
Opening hour: 10:00 – 19:00 (Friday-Saturday till 22:00)
Place: Nam June Paik Art Center
Address: Yongin-si, 85 Sanggal-dong, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: +82 31 201 8522

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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