NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

nothings66 announces moshimoss’s new album “endless endings”. moshimoss is one of the pseudonyms of Kosuke Anamizu has been released from Traum and mule electronic in the past few years. Explores and folds together real and imaginary soundscape, Kosuke’s debut album was released from dynamophone records (US) which was secretly and quietly out in 2010. Imcomparable sound production creates amazing music which slowly speaks in everyone’s heart and stir up your emotions.


In 2012, Kosuke played at Fuji Rock Festival and after three years, finally moshimoss, pseudonyms of Kosuke Anamizu, dropping his 2nd album. Still his music and sounds are full of lyricism with reminiscent soundscapes. The emphasis on the guitar structure and the keyboard texture, and the burying of silent melodies under layers of effects, are changing and transforming the tone for each song. Field recording from numerous situations and locations, voice samples from missing tapes, synthesizers makes an imaginary landscape with the brilliant sunset glow. All the exquisite sounds are tearing its tiny grains into dust as a clearer, flutter and flickr. And also there is a song which features Lily and Fox from Rokkurro, one of most popular band in Iceland. And Nils Frahm for the mastering engineer. The ambience folds and overlap again and again, wrap you up gently and warmly, deeply, and yes, extraordinary beautifully.

moshimoss “endless endings”
Label: nothings66
Format: CD/digital
Price: 2,100yen (including tax)
Release May 22th, 2013

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Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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