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At over 492 meters tall, the award-winning Shanghai World Financial Center rises like a beacon above the Lujiazui financial district, Celebrating its 3rd anniversary this month, the building is not only an icon on the Shanghai skyline, but a thriving office and lifestyle hub in Lujiazui in its own right, and an essential part of life in Shanghai.

Suring the 3rd anniversary, SWFC is pushing a series of ‘Culture & Art’ events in the building. Mori Group is using the ‘City Center of Culture’ as for the SWFC project, a tried and tested method in their Roppongi Hills project in Japan. It is the trademark of the Mori Group.

“Shell Economics” Art Fair In the 21st century, art has become an important economic asset, as valuable, if not more valuable, than many. These days, art is increasingly recognized as a financially stable commodity that can be used all around the world. But what exactly is art and how can we determine its real value?

With these questions in mind, we hope to create exhibitions where the participants can exchange artwork with something beyond currency. This is the first time in Shanghai it will be free and open to all. Now, let’s see what the artists and the visitors make of it!

Exchange rule:Each participant could receive voting paper. Select your favorite, write down the art work info, exchange contents and your contact (Weibo/Email/Tel) and put it into voting box. We will update the exchange progress on the Sina Weibo and Homepage. The exchange will be arranged later after the activity.

“Growing Up” Art Exhibition ShanghART gallery was initiated in 1996 for 15 years till now. Meanwhile, SWFC enters its 3rd anniversary in October 2011. With the warm invitation from SWFC, ShanghART gallery is so honored to present the exhibition GROWING UP to celebrate both anniversaries.

“Shanghai Gallery Selection” 17 Galleries Joined Contemporary Art Exhibition For the 3rd anniversary of SWFC, 17galleries have joined the SWFC Shanghai Gallery Selection event which runs November 5th-13th. Shnghai’s top contemporary art galleries will gather in Pudong to show the best of today’s art scene, with the buzzwords binding it all: International, Curating, Networking, Experimental and Contemporaneous.

Shell Economics
Artist: Gao Mingyao / He Chi / Hu Xiaoxiao / Liao Fei / Ou Wenting / Su Chang / Sui Changjiang / Sun Huiyuan / Wu Ding / Xiao Jiang / Ye Linghan / Zheng Huan / Zhang Lehua / Zhang Yunyao / Maya Kramer / ZAKA
Date: November 5th – 6th, 2011
Open: 10:00-17:00
Organizer: Shanghai World Financial Center
Curator: Nam HyoJun
Co-Curator: Ofice339 / Vanguard Gallery
Place: Shanghai World Financial Center, 2F Event Circle
Address: No.100, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Tel: +86 158 0073 6106

Growing up
Artist: Bird Head / Ding Yi / Geng Jianyi / Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing / Liang Shaoji / Li Shan / Liu Weijian / MadeIn Company / Pu Jie / Shen Fan / Sun Xun / Shi Yong / Wei Guangqing / Xue Song / Zhou Tiehai / Zhou Zixi / Zhang Qing / Yu Youhan / Huang Kui / Wu Yiming / Tang Maohong / Hu Jieming / Xiang Liqing / Chen Xiaoyun / Wang Yousheng / Mao Yan / Nobuyoshi Araki
Date: October 24th – November 2nd, 2011
Open: 10:00-20:00
Organizer: Shanghai World Financial Center
Partner: ShanghART Gallery
Place: Shanghai World Financial Center 2F Convention Area / 1F Office Entrance Lobby
Address: No.100, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 3867 2008

Shanghai Gallery Selection
Galleries:18Gallery / Aike Dellarco Gallery / Art+Shanghai / Art Labor Gallery / Don Gallery / Eastlink Gallery / Ifa Gallery / James Cohan Gallery / Leo Gallery / M97 Gallery / Other Gallery / OV Gallery / Pearl Lam Gallery / Shanghai Gallery of Art / ShanghART Gallery / Stage Back Gallery / Vanguard Gallery
Date: November 5th – 13th, 2011
Open: 10:00-20:00
Organizer: Shanghai World Financial Center
Curator: Kenta Torimoto
Co-Curator: Lise Li
Place: Shanghai World Financial Center, 2F Convention Area
Address: No.100, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area ,Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 3867 2008

Text: memi mizukami

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