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NEWSText: memi mizukami

HongKong’s First Solo Exhibition with London-based graffiti, conceptual and fine artist INSA at Above Second is proud to present “GLOSS”. A multimedia mix of large scale canvases, photography and limited edition prints, and his signature “Graffiti Fetish” pattern prints will be available for the first time in Hong Kong.

His beautiful women flaunting oiled skin and high heels or brand named sneakers serve as modern icons and symbols of our lavish and unsustainable, even unhealthy, lifestyle. Our obsession with sex, consumerism, and the female body – he uses the inherent “want” of humanity in this most modern context to show that it isn’t really about any of that. The whole game is serving up exactly what is least anticipated.

Opening Reception: August 18th 19:00 – 22:00

Date: August 18th – September 16th, 2011
Place: Above Second Gallery
Open: Monday-Saturday 13:00-19:00
Close: Sunday
Address: 31 Eastern Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3483 7950

Text: memi mizukami

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