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NEWSText: julie morikawa

image: courtesy pool gallery

Mercedes Helnwein’s third solo- exhibition “Temptation To Be Good” will be held at the Pool Gallery in Berlin from April 29th – June 4th.

The period between Helnwein‘s previous solo-exhibitions at pool gallery and “Temptation To Be Good” has given rise to marked and significant developments in her technique. Having primarily worked in pencil on paper, Helnwein suddenly began experimenting with oil pastel on paper, creating larger-than-life busts that allow for pseudo-impressionistic exploration in color and abstraction within the human form. 

Shortly after beginning work with the oil pastels, influence on her pencil works began to manifest, altering her usually hyper-photorealistic style. Exactingly guided sleights of hand now reveal references to motions both about to come and that have come to pass, the gentle abstraction and experimental use of color further embellishing the inherent poetry of Helnwein‘s work. 

Temptation To Be Good
Date: April 29th – June 4th, 2011
Open: Tue-Sat 11:00-18:00 and by appointment
Place: Pool Gallery
Address: Tucholskystraße 38 Ecke Auguststraße 10117 Berlin Mitte
Tel: +49 30 24342462 

Text: julie morikawa

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