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NEWSText: victor moreno

Performance The Thirst at the Moderna Museet, 2011 © Photo: Albin Dahlström / Moderna Museet

Jutta Koether’s performance with Kim Gordon at the opening 4 March left us begging for more. Now, Koether returns to The Thirst at Moderna Museet, this time in the company of the experimental film-maker, video artist and musician Tony Conrad. Together, they will do a unique performance in the exhibition room.


Utta Koether has invited the experimental film-maker, video artist and musician Tony Conrad to take part in a high-level performance. As a comment on the installation Berliner Schlüssel, Koether and Conrad will explore the installation together from above, and let their respective instruments meet.

Tony Conrad is a Brooklyn- and Buffalo-based artist, musician/composer, and filmmaker. He was involved in the early development of underground cinema and minimal music. He is widely known for his 1966 film The Flicker, which is one of the key early works of structuralist film, and for his minimalist violin playing, both in collaboration with John Cale and La Monte Young and on Outside the Dream Syndicate, his 1972 record with the German krautrock group Faust. He has composed more than a dozen works using special scales derived from the harmonic series, and he frequently performs on violin and other instruments. On Saturday, 9 April, at 2.00 pm, Tony Conrad will discuss his artistic work and show a few of his films.

Jutta Koether has belonged to the alternative arts scene for many years and has inspired artists in both Europe and the USA. Her interdisciplinary practice includes painting, music, poetry, film and performance. Jutta Koether works in New York and Berlin and is a professor at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK) in Hamburg. Jutta Koether is inspired by artists and intellectuals who have created an alternative to mainstream culture, including the underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger and the musician Patti Smith. Koether has also collaborated with Tom Verlaine (Television) and Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore (both from Sonic Youth).

Friday, 8 April, 6.15 pm – a performance by and with Jutta Koether and Tony Conrad in the exhibition The Thirst.
Saturday, 9 April, 2.00 pm – a talk and film screening by and with Tony Conrad in the Cinema.

Performance by Jutta Koether & Tony Conrad
Date: April 8th, 2011, 18:15-
Place: Moderna Museet
Address: Jakobs Torg 3, 111 52 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 5195 5200

Text: victor moreno

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