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George Condo “Mental States”

George Condo, Uncle Joe, 2005. Oil on canvas, 53 x 46 in (134.6 x 116.8 cm). Private collection. Courtesy Simon Lee Gallery. © George Condo 2010

New Museum will run an exhibition of an American artist George Condo, the first major US survey of over eighty paintings and sculptures from the past twenty-eight years of the artist’s career. The show starts from January 26th until May 8th.

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Åke Hedström “Connection Malmö Konsthall”

Åke Hedström, Bernard Kirschenbaum, Bronze Arc, 161,5 x 1765 cm, 1984 Photography

A Swedish photographer Åke Hedström’s exhibition “Connection Malmö Konsthall” will be held at Malmö Konsthall from January 27th until April 3rd, showing a selection of his photographs dating from the mid-1970s up to 2010. Hedström’s great interest in art and fascination with the architecture of Malmö Konsthall has led him to document the gallery’s activities, usually at his own initiative. His photographs provide a historic retrospective on various exhibitions, events and individuals connected with Malmö Konsthall.

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Festival de Cinema Portugues 2010

'As Bodas de Deus' (1999 / Directed by João César Monteiro

In collaboration with cinematheque (public film screening theaters) nationwide, the Festival de Cinema Portugues 2010 is held at sendai mediatheque from February 5th to 8th. As the 3rd Cinematheque Project, it tours around the nation by showing 12 cinemas which includes works by Manoel de Oliveira who is currently the oldest active film director, and some works shown for the first time in Japan.

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Wang Qingsong “When Worlds Collide”

Wang Qingsong, Competition, 2004. © Wang Qingsong. Courtesy the artist

Beijing-based artist Wang Qingsong’s solo exhibition “When Worlds Collide” is held at International Center for Photography in New York, showing until May 8th. This exhibition will mark the first U.S. solo show of the artist, one of China’s most highly regarded contemporary artists.

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Harf Zimmermann Exhibition

Pool Gallery will run a solo exhibition of works by Berlin-based Photographer Harf Zimmermann, curated by Marc Naroska, co-founder of C/O Berlin. From January 21st till March 5th.

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