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NEWSText: mariko takei

An American artist and designer Michael Leon‘s first solo show in Germany, “Vexhall“ will be held at pool gallery in Berlin. The exhibition title originates with the term vexillology (lat. vexillum flag and suffix -logy “study of“).

Vexhall is composed of pieces that draw literally from flag design, mixed with Leon‘s own design sensibility and personal history. By going back and forth between reverence and irreverence for vexilology, Leon has created flags for real and imagined countries, events, friends, emotions, ex-girlfriends, and everything in between. Some using the strict guidelines of flag design, next to others that may have been scribbled on a napkin or inspired by a dream. In doing so, this Vexhall (Hall of Flags) is Leon‘s own personal and nostalgic United Nations.

Michael Leon “Vexhall”
Date: September 3rd- October 1st, 2010
Open: 11:00-18:00 and by appointment
Closed on Mondays and Sundays
Opening: September 2nd 19:00-22:00
Place: Pool Gallery
Address: Tucholskystraße 38 / Ecke Auguststraße, 10117 Berlin Mitte
Tel: 49.30.24342462

Text: mariko takei

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