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Boris Tellegen [b. 1968] – DELTA – is recognized as one of the early European pioneers of the grafitti scene. After the mid-nineties, he moved on to a more experimental fine-arts style. Since then, Tellegen has become an established name within the contemporary art scene, with several international exhibitions, latest at Fondation Cartier in Paris 2009.


It was the movie Style Wars, the documentary film that put grafitti on the map in the early eighties, that inspired Tellegen to pick up the spraycan at age 14. He started off signing his works under the name Lone, but soon changed it to the now legendary signature DELTA. It was not long before he differentiated himself from his fellow painters and became interested in a more three-dimensional technique, a way of expression that was fortified when he enrolled in an industrial design course at I.D.E. in Delft. During those years, he discovered the so-called CAD programs (short for Computer Aided Design, which are programs for digitally based 3D design, used for drafting technical blueprints), whose isometric planes became an important source of inspiration for his artwork. Today, Tellegen works parallelly as a designer and as an artist.

Although he is adamant on keeping his two careers apart, he explores the boundary between the two in his artworks. In a playful manner, his art balances between architentonic sketches and abstract planes, two- and three-dimensional compositions in various styles. Tellegen uses several different techniques, switching easily between collage, sculpture, relief and photography. His distinctive tone and manner, however, permeates his entire oeuvre.

The exhibition “Random Distriss” presents several larger reliefs, hung on the gallery walls together with framed collages, as well as a site specific installation that is specially constructed for and within the gallery. This is Tellegen’s second show at Galleri Jonas Kleerup. In 2008 he participated in the exhibition “Fragment.”

Boris Tellegen. Random Distress
Date: June 3rd – July 4th, 2010
Place: Jonas Kleerup Gallery
Address: Tegnérgatan 18. 113 58 Stockholm
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 17:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Tel: +46 8673 12 14

Text: victor moreno

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