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NEWSText: mariko takei

Curated by Hexaproject, the “OTAKU THE 3RD” exhibition will be held at Maverik Showroom in London from April 13th.

The Art Otaku and Subcul Otaku probably have no desire to come together, for they live in separate worlds. But the OTAKU THE 3RD artists, who were born from the latter 60’s to late 80’s, posses a common thread of creating their own unique language and position in the midst of a dominating culture. Their expressions are varied and a reflection of each artist’s pursuit of their own aesthetic and lifestyle they cannot be limited to the marquee label of “Japan”. “OTAKU THE 3RD” exhibit’s purpose is to bring to light the radicalness and to show the importance of the minor art of OTAKU.

“OTAKU THE 3RD” Exhibition
Date: April 13th – 18th, 2010
Open: Tue–Fri 11:00-19:00 (Sat/Sun until 16:00)
Opening party: April 15th 18:30–21:00
Place: Maverik Showroom
Address: 68-72 Redchurch Street E2 7DP London
Tel: 020 7739 6002

Text: mariko takei

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