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NEWSText: kazumi oiwa

“Brandshofhalle” (detail, 2007), 200×81 cm marker on glazed wood

Heliumcowboy artspace presents Lena Schmidt new exhibition “urbanscapes“. What was once born from financial need, today is her brand name: The scratch-technique of the young artist Lena Schmidt. About three years ago she started to collect old and used wooden boards on the street which she used as a base of her pictures – and which themselves all told their quite own material history. After the grained surface is coated with colour, the artist scratches her very own picture world into these findings and scrapes: Urbanscapes, urban sceneries which are somehow close to our every day life but at the same time also strange and unknown.

Lena Schmidt “urbanscapes”
Date: February 7th – March 27th, 2009
Open: Wed – Fri 11:00-19:00 and by appointment.
Place: heliumcowboy artspace
Address: Sternstraße 4, 20357 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 484 088 60

Text: kazumi oiwa

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