NEWSText: kazumi oiwa

And A presents Freepeper “wall on” which fashion as well as art and culture of a new style and the originator of the message has started since 2005, It relaunched as new style in November 2007.
The coaster elements to use, everyone enjoys having with “wall on” this time,
Inside the house, otherwise if convenient that presence of the coaster.
In August, It will show you the artwork of Ly. Her works which has especial message attracting massive attentions. It launched in August 19th(Tue).
Art plus favorite drink, and always spend a little different sense of tea and drinks in the time that you can.(※wall on deliver the third Tuesday in every month, Please understand that quantities are limited.)

She is an artist ,whose drawings are composed of black and white with loose lines. Her composition of freakish creatures,boys in a dress,sex organs, or animals with many eyes seems to encapsulate her ‘life&sex,and death’. She is active in live painting, wall paiting, book binding,and in magazines.She also had live painted at SUMMER SONIC 08 in TOKYO.

“wall on vol.3”
Date: August 19th –

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Text: kazumi oiwa

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