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NEWSText: kazumi oiwa

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Xavier Llongueras is an artist of resource. He is connected to an artistic process that exists beyond the reach of memory. In his latest piece, he develops an intuitive approach to his work. The new collection is constructed from diverse, assembled fragments. The compositions are both fixed and malleable. The fragments are held together not by cement, but rather a magnetic force that forms an invisible cohesion. Each piece draws upon and alludes to aspects of quantum physics, molecular biology, and genetic ecology while remaining a spiritual practice.

Xavier Llongueras “Living Fractal Vibrations:Magnetic Mosaics
Date: June 1 – July 11, 2008
Open: Tue – Sat 11:30 – 18:30 or by appointment.
Place: Frank Pictures Gallery
Address: 2525 Michigan Ave Bergamot Station A-5 Santa Monica CA 90404
Tel: 310-828-0211

Text: kazumi oiwa

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