PEOPLEText: Taketo Oguchi

When and how did this character “Srijawa” come about?

When I was a high school student, I was influenced by the “Milkman T-shirt” by Ken Kagami, which I saw it at a select shop in my hometown, Oita. I was attracted to Kagami’s cool and strangely impressive characters and started to draw them because I wanted to create my own characters like that. I’ve been drawing since I was a college student, so I’ve been gradually brushing up on my work until now.

Flying rice cake, Chika Shirakawa, 2019, 270 × 270 mm , Acrylic paint, Oil paint marker

Do you have a concept for your work?

I focus on pictures that are fun for me and the viewers. There is a presence that I don’t understand but I can’t help to stop being curious about it.

Just three people there, Chika Shirakawa, 2019, 530 × 530 mm, Acrylic paint, Oil paint marker

Tell us about the background and ideas for your production and whether you have a story.

I don’t really think about a background or a storyline, I just moved my hands and scribbled a lot in my notebook. I pick up interesting movements and expressions that I like from my senses, think about the composition of the piece, and incorporate them into my work.

Do you have any new opportunities to present your work this year?

I’m making a few products, but I’m trying to expand the range of my expressions by limiting the character as a painting and looking for a new way to express myself. I’m hoping to exhibit some of my artworks once it’s all settled and ready.

big nude women lying down, Chika Shirakawa, 2020, 530 × 727 mm, Acrylic paint, Oil paint marker

You are participating in Unknown Asia again this year. What kind of artwork do you plan to exhibit?

This is a portrait painting based on a famous painting. It’s a new challenge for me to dare to face something I’ve avoided in the past because I thought I couldn’t do it.

Also, what are you hoping to see this year when it comes to online?

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity for more people to see my work as they participate in the event. Not only will I be able to display my work, but I will also be able to communicate with reviewers and customers, so I am hopeful that we will be able to take more chances.

Date: December 12th – 13th, 2020
VIP Preview: December 11th (by invitation only)
Place: Online (Access
Organizer: UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee

Text: Taketo Oguchi
Translation: Satsuki Miyanishi

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