PEOPLEText: Fiona Killackey

P.A.M. for Mens

How often do you get to Japan?

Often. I like cycling there. Recently I cycled for four days with five hours sleep. Fun!!!

P.A.M. for Womens

You have been working on a few new projects of late – PAMBooks, POP-EYE etc. Do you find you need to always be working on something new to keep yourself entertained?

LSO Artwork, new sculptures, cycling and also homemade small publications are what we have been working on lately – also music. Yes, making things is so much fun, such a nice challenge, hobby, life, order, being, thinking…Creativity is how we are living!

Is it difficult to work with someone (a.k.a Shauna) that you’re also involved with romantically?

No, it’s easy. We are in it together [and] it’s easy to share with someone you love and admire. Collaboration is the sharing of ideas.

You have done a lot of collaborations with other designers or artists. How do you choose who you collaborate with?

We find ourselves meeting people that share [similar] ideas, philosophies, energy, and when we do, it’s a nice way to interact and explore with them…

If you had to describe the label to someone who was blind, what would you say?

Think about having fun, think about colors and sounds, from the future and the past. Listen to the sounds of nature and the carnival, and of ghosts and tribal rhythms. Dance in your mind and feel the cosmic force of stupidity and excitement.

What advice would you give to someone else wishing to get into the same industry?

Follow your heart, not your dreams!!!

What’s next for P.A.M?

What’s not next?! The future holds many surprises. Something fairly definite is a pambino (a new human) 🙂

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Text: Fiona Killackey

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