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DOTMOV is a digital film festival organized by an online magazine "SHIFT", aiming to discover unknown talented creators and provide an opportunity to show their works. We had a total of 289 works from 37 countries this year, and excellent 23 works among them were selected by guest judges. All the selected works are also exposed on the website. This year's festival will take place in several cities in Japan and oversea during the whole month of November, 2008.


11/08 - 12/06__Sapporo, FIX MIX MAX! 2 (CAI02)
11/01 - 11/30__Sendai, Sendai Mediatheque *
11/04 - 11/28__Tokyo, MAM
12/09 - 01/12__Tokyo, SunshineStudio Cafe **
10/31 - 11/03__Shizuoka, SCVF Vol.04 (CCC)
11/01 - 11/03__Nagoya, Minna de Sodateru Animation (Naogoya University)
11/12 - 11/24__Osaka, digmeout ART&DINER
11/11 - 11/16__Kyoto, Cafe Independants *** / Dojidai Eizo Studio 1928
11/05 - 11/19__Kobe, Kobe Design University, Library
11/23 - 12/18__Fukuoka, THE NORTH FACE Store Fukuoka (2F Gallery)
10/17 - 10/26__Zurich, ILLUSTRATIVE 08
11/19 - 12/31__Hong Kong, MOCA China
11/21 - 11/25__Belo Horizonte,
11/25 - 11/30__Sao Paulo,

* Screening on the monitors on the seventh floor of Sendai Mediatheque.

** Not screening, if there is any closed-door party. Please check the event schedule at SunshineStudio Cafe's website.

*** 11/11/19:00-23:00 PICASSO presents "ACQUA ALTA" meets DOTMOV
A collaborative party! Visuals from DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2008 and music from "ACQUA ALTA" by "PICASSO". Free admission.

SCREENING PROGRAM__Click image to see movie.

The Mountain of Ling
8:00 | 2008 | Thailand
Director: Michael Paul Young
Music: Ghostly Records & Michael Cina

This clip confounded me a little, when i first saw it. I wasn't really sure what it was, or IS, to be honest. The length of the piece and the way in which it is constructed (something between painterly calligraphy and iconic screen tests) defied any obvious explanations. It has a narrative structure of sorts: a log of feelings,.. observations.. interrupted (or organized?) into eight chapters that kept bringing me back again and again, trying to figure it out.
The other clips were easier to identify and understand. All were unique but, in the end, fairly straight-forward, music-driven animations. This clip engaged me because it wasn't. And I wanted to figure it out.

Selected and commented by Feed Deutschland

Asadoya Yunta
3:38 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Power Graphixx, Kentaro Fujimoto
Music: Omodaka
"Asadoya Yunta" is a famous folk song from Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa, Japan. It is easy to find a wide variety of the music clip that is currently provided through YouYube. Most of them are live-action films featured Okinawa's beautiful nature, Okinawan musical instrument, the sanshin, and the folk song musician. There are Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin (both are characters from Vocaloid Character Vocal Series) versions as well. In any case Asadoya Yunta is a as much popular island song in Japan as "Tinsagu nu Hana", and is also recognized as a "western song", which invokes an exoticism as its distinct culture and as a foreign country in Japan.
The song is about a story between an officer, who has governed Ryukyu kingdom in Edo era, and a marvel of beauty (age 16) in Taketomi Island. The powerful officer transfered to the location away from home and arrogantly made the marriage poposal to the most beautiful woman in the island, Kuyama, to be his local wife.
Soichi Terada of Omodaka has dare to reassembled the song (way beyond the domestic level of what Miku Hatsune does), and completed it with world-class chiptune. Kentaro Fujimoto visualized the almost foreign language like lyrics with typography while Yoshiyuki Komatsu of Power Graphixx visualized with the wireframe computer graphics. Omodaka's piece of this audio visual project is one of the best films in this year's DOTMOV.
Tiptune as technology music, the wireframe of the most fundamental technique of computer graphics, and the typography of Yaeyama words as a speach-language. It makes sense gathering the threads of the exotic story of Asadoya Yunta with all these together, that is consistent in terms of creating from zero point not to rely on for easy material input (even though there must have done some scanning and sampling to be exact). The piece clearly makes sense in terms of visualizing something invisible with sound and visual images. Particularly the piece includes the different indices of refraction between undersea and air, invisible particle of a substance, and the idea of aminism of "qi" drifting around Yaeyama Islands and visualizing them together, which is amazing in its interpretation.
Obviously I can tell they have used the latest 3DCG software, but I will not mention about it here (actually I don't really know).

Sa asadoya nu kuyama ni yo
Sa Yui Yui
Anchura sa unmaribashi yo
Mata haari nu chindara kanushama yo.

Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine)

Looking Thru the B-sides
7:50 | 2008 | USA
Director: Golden Lucky

Jamie and The Magic Torch meets H R Puffnstuff meets Yellow Submarine meets Mr Benn meets Alice In Wonderland meets Narnia. The sense of what if rather than what is, the idea that behind / beyond the fabric of our empirical experience exists a parallel world bound only by the parameters of our imagination rather than physical possibilities. the animation and aesthetic propel and enrich the narrative. the rhythm and drama are consistently entertaining and the characters engaging. it is a genius piece of storytelling wrapped up in a dream everyone can own.

Selected and commented by The Designers Republic

3:40 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Teppei Kuroyanagi
Sound: Takahide Higuchi

This is one of the most entertaining videos that was created out of the very boring one camera angle footage. The simple visual trick used in this video totally works in this setting. And this piece tells us that the great idea really shines when it's executed right. I just kept watching this over and over. Great work!

Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)

Herr Bar
3:07 | 2008 | Austria
Director: Clemens Kogler
Music: Clark (Warp Records)

Produced with body parts, a music video "Herr Bar" for an UK musician Clack leads us to a dream and the fascinating world with special dreamy music.
Stems and leaves of fingers and ears are gourgeously grown. As you are attracted to the petal of lips, singing birds of arms and legs are intently fly about. Passing through the park with trees with the retro hairstyle, you will meet a puppy with hairs running through the fields. Let's find out the unique, surrealistic microcosm of the director Clemens Kogler which seems to be reflected on science fiction. But you should be careful not to be eaten under the tree of mouths moving.

Selected and commented by Sugarcube

Spen Za Nite Wiz Dis Sit
4:24 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Takafumi Tsuchiya
Music: Yoshiteru Himuro

5:00 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Teppei Koseki
Music: Scam Circle

Lost Utopia
5:00 | 2007 | Japan
Director: Mizue Mirai
Music: Alice Nakamura

Sad Book
3:52 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Yusuke Nakajima
Music: Takashi Watanabe

Bryum & Kapok: A Memory
4:43 | 2008 | USA
Director: Overture
Music: Hauschka

9:04 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Noriaki Okamoto

Return as an Animal
1:31 | 2008 | Brazil
Director: Bruno Dicolla

1:50 | 2006 | Japan
Director: Norihiro Yamamoto

Twin Nose Dirt
3:10 | 2008 | USA
Director: Kiyomitsu Saito

Fragments of Time
4:45 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Shusaku Kaji

Geographic Score
2:40 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Hou Nakao

2:35 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Takeshi Tsunehashi

8:00 | 2008 | The Netherlands
Director: Liesbeth Koot

Firewall of China
1:10 | 2008 | Japan
Director: Yoko Taketani

8:55 | 2007 | USA
Director: Giada Ghiringhelli

The Agony and The Ecstasy
3:00 | 2008 | USA
Director: Parker Ito
Sound: Kevin Ferguson



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