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The exhibition in KW continues upstairs.

5th Berlin Biennale
Over and over, Katerina Seda, 2008

Kterina Seda exhibits drawings and objects including things related to living, community and words associated to those themes. Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor exhibit on a part of the installation and painting that is associated with the circumstances of former socialists countries, while playing addresses as background music.

5th Berlin Biennale
“P=W:T”,”S=F*S”, Ania Molska, 2007/2008

Ania Molska projected two movies, next to each other. The title “P=W:T”,”S=F*S” is like physics formula.

5th Berlin Biennale
Folklore #2, Patricia Esquivias, 2008

The video work of Patricia Esquivias is inspired by Franco’s image strategy.

5th Berlin Biennale
Untitled, Kohei Yoshiyuki, 1971–1973

Other impressive pieces are the documentation series of Kohei Yoshiyuki’s photos which became the talk of Yossi Milo Gallery last year, the to video sequences of Sung Hwan Kim and Manon de Boer featuring the theme of the reproduction of “4:33”, in which the present condition of Seoul is filmed according to a book about the past condition of Seoul under the occupation of Japan.


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