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The 8th International Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film will take place on the Internet, in Hamburg (Germany) and in Barcelona (Catalonia). All selected films will be shown online. Netsurfers are encouraged to recommend them to each other, generating virus effects.

The global Internet community will thus decide on the Bitfilm Awards in a “viral voting” process. The films with the highest viral potential are going to take the awards in each of the six categories: T-COM 3D SPACE AWARD (computer-generated 3D animations), FX MIX AWARD (digitally composed hybrids which mix various techniques), MTV FLASH AWARD (animations made with Flash), MACHINIMA AWARD (films shot live in computer games), MICROMOVIE AWARD (short clips designed for mobile devices), GRAND PRIX TV DIGITAL (3D or VFX-driven feature films).

Films may be submitted until June 15, 2007 at here. The prize money totals 10 000 Euro.

The Internet festival will be opened by a three day live event in Hamburg from August 9 to 11, 2007. It will include a conference on the film industry in the digital age and open air screenings. The nominated films will be presented at a live event in Barcelona on September 19 to 20, complemented by live performances by international audiovisual artists. The Bitfilm award show will take place on October 8, 2007 in Hamburg.

The 8th International Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film
Submission Deadline for Digital Films: June 15th, 2007
Worldwide Internet Voting: from August to October 2007
Live Events in Hamburg: August 9th to 11th, 2007
Live Events in Barcelona: September 19th to 20th, 2007
Bitfilm Award Show in Hamburg: October 8th, 2007

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