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A gallery cafe SOSO produced by SHIFT had used 2 main walls, and 2 kinds of film works from DOTMOV programs were simultaneously screened all the time during the whole month. In the ordinal cafe space with ordinal music, you can get into the film works putting a wireless headphone on and enjoy a high sound quality of films. When you move between the 2 walls, the sound also changes depending on the screening place. Because the admission itself was free, there were visitors coming again and again to watch the continuation, and SOSO staff sometimes accommodated them by setting the playing track to where they like. This flexible and impromptu stance was the same as past years.

On 10th of November, the first event of this year’s DOTMOV was an opening party of “FIX MIX MAX !” which was featured in DOTMOV special program as well. As you can see in this month’s Info World Sapporo, “FIX MIX MAX!” is a collective exhibition of contemporary art from Sapporo, and also known as a project to actualize the desire of “let’s make Sapporo exciting by Art!”, holding many related events in Hokkaido.

In this opening party, interviews and works of artists who participated in “FIX MIX MAX!” such as Ryusuke Ito and Satoshi Hata were screened, and also a performance by Matsuritaro, audio visual performance by beatimage (Katsuya Ishida) and Junichi Oguro a.k.a. GROK took place.

On 11th of November, a Sapporo based electronic music artist “” called on “nipponia“, a sampling hunter of sounds and videos from Tokyo, who has been familiar in the past DOTMOV, and held a night of sounds and visuals “HD”.

“YouTUBE” and “Sketch Pad” also entered.

This sampling hunter Sapporo always waits for, “nipponia” filled the venue with ripple of laughter by showing his original mix/collage from public video materials of classical Japan original, as well as swinging beat and scratch. As if a crass room screening an educational video, the audience gathered setting out chairs, and focused on the screen and the booth. In addition to the perfect completion of the works, his performing skill was just overwhelming.


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