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On July 23rd, the first day of Triennial, it was beautiful weather from the morning, changing completely with heavy rain continued until a few days before.

Opening ceremony was held at Echigo-Tsumari Exchange Center “Kinare” (2003) designed by Hiroshi Hara and Atelier Phi. Artists, supporters, and visitors gathered to celebrate the beginning of the fruitful 50 days.

I turned into the Nakasato area. The roads of houses were incomprehensible unless confirmed with a map, and sometimes really narrow. The “Floating Bamboo” (2006) by a film art director Katusmi Nakazawa (Japan) was in thick woods, back area of a temple “JIZEN-JI”. The fence of floating bamboo was created towards the civilized world, which has victimized lots of possibilities, losing awe of nature. Where are we going throughout the fence? I felt myself small in the whole scenery of woods emphasized by the artwork.

Inside the “JIZEN-JI”, 4 pieces of farm clothes designed by Naoko Mizusawa (Japan), “Our Agriculture” (2006) was exhibited. People at the temple invited me inside with almost strong-arm approach. “In this Art Triennial, we also prepared an artwork.” they said, and treated me with beautiful pickled eggplants in deep purple. It was certainly a masterwork in collaboration between the ground and them. I spent unexpected deluxe time with other local people there.

Being waved by the “JIZEN-JI” people, I next dropped by “Mion Nakasato” in the same Nakasato area. “For Warm Image – Shinano River” (2000/2003) by Hirotoshi Sakaguchi (Japan) was along a riverside, as a playground for children.

This is the “Lantern on a Riverbank” by CLIP (Japan). The artists designed these toilets to be built as a strong feature in the public space. At night, reminiscent of a lantern, soft light is emiitted through the frosted glass windows.

The “House of Birds” (2000) by Jaume Plensa (Spain) is a 19 meters tour made for birds, standing there from 6 years ago. Though I couldn’t recognize if birds actually have visited here.

A color matching game with cars, “PARKLETTE” (2006) by Osamu Tsukihashi and TEAM PARKLETTE (Japan) will take place the parking space of “Mion Nakasato”. If the same colored cars are matched, it will be “COMBO!” This is the only 2006 project in this area.


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