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SONAR 2006

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Sonar, dayacts, Saturday 17th

To get a good start for Saturday, we will start with one of the most astonishing groups of independent music of New Zealand, Fat Freddy’s Drop. More than 9 musicians on stage, they made the public dance with their daring mix of roots, soul, jazz, dub…very entertaining and cheerful.

Later, in SonarHall, Capsule presented as one of their groups the Modified Toy Orchestra, who acted out a show with many gadgets, toys making noise and some visuals that went along very well with the music. A real surprise.

On the same Hall stage, one could see Seeland, the new band of the ex-guitarrist of Broadcast, Tim Felton, with an experimental concert that broke with the patterns of traditional pop-music.

But one of the most interesting concerts of this Saturday that attracted a big number of people was without a doubt the live act inside the Museum of Contemporary Art by the Finns Kimmo Pohjonen and Samuli Kosminen, who played a concert in which the athmosphere was growing with the melodies of an accordeon, voices, electronic arrangements, surround effects and the light show that really captured the audience.

Before the night fell, the day acts of Sonar went on for a few hours more with groups like SCHNEIDER from Germany, who describe their music as a mix of indie-rock and ragga. A mix of sounds that goes from guitars with beat sounds to pop with glitch.

Sonar, nightacts, Saturday 17th

Like the night before, we started strong in SonarClub with one of the concerts with most props and decoration. The superfamous Alison with her Goldfrapp.
Even though her formula of electronic pop scratches the edge of mainstream, Goldfrapp is still popular with the underground-crowd of the electronic field, as we could tell this Saturday from the enormous number of people who attended her show. Alison is the new diva of decadent glamour, at the same time being sexy and congenial, in the british music world.

Before giving in to the french princess of techno and elctronic on the Sonar Club stage, we could warm up our motors with a session of the british guys MFA, who had a great DJ-set act, handing over to Miss Kittin with the crowd already heated up to the max. Miss Kittin animated us even further with a session of electro-house and minimal techno that the public loved.

From almost 5 in the morning until sunrise, the tired but content participants of Sonar 06 swarmed into SonarPub to dance to the session prepared by two of the big ones of the techno scene, regular DJs in the best clubs, Richie Hawtin vs. Ricardo Villalobos. Amusment squared to close a Sonar 06 that had more than 44.000 visitors in its 12th edition and seemed endless…quite possible that we see 12 editions more. Untill next year!!!

SONAR 2006
Date: 15th-17th June, 2006
Place: CCCB, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain

Text and photos: Julio Cesar Palacio from Panopttic

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