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And then we can find the bright and noticeable work which is made of form polystyrene. The polystyrene is connected with bamboo skewers. When we buy some electricity, you might keep the form polystyrenes for.

The distortion made by the spectators at the opening time also added good spice to the object.

It is impossible to finish the loop shape slide made by Thomas Markus Schumann. He said “I wanted to create an impractical slide, but you can imagine when you slide, can’t you?” with smile.

The work of “F18 Institute” is the “room”. Although you cannot see in the picture, the cabinet and drawers open and close automatically, the lamp turns on and off, and the spoon in the cup suddenly turns. Water comes out from the tap and the cleaner turns on and off unexpectedly. It seems like a poltergeist has inhabited the room! This reminds me of the catch copy from the Germany home centers’ commercial “automatic gives us no excitement”.

After that I also looked at others works one by one and sometimes touched them. I gradually got tired then headed to the sofa to take a look at the hall map.

Behind the wall which has illustrations of “Moki“, there were 3 levels sofas a bar counter, and TV shaped stage which seemed like a living room.

There was a poetry reading at the Tim John, Pia Kuhlemann’s TV stage in the early evening. At the night a lot of people came to see the live bands and DJ events.

By the way this DING DONG! Art festival was held as the promotion event of the coffee company “Senseo“. On the table in the living room I found many coffee makers, coffee cups, sugar and cream, and the coffee was served for free for attendants. It was nice to have a coffee and relaxing time. Watching the TV stage and sitting on the sofa with coffee.
It is really like a living room. There was no sign of “Senseo” so even it made us impressed for good commercial.

After taking a break with coffee, I wanted to go to the bathroom. When I went down to the basement, only one side of the fire door was opened. In the back of that we could find the video work of Susanne Bartsch, a lady opens the door and goes somewhere and then comes back. Actually it was interesting to see the video of a lady who opens the door in the back of door.


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