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A French based publisher “PYRAMID” released new books from “Design & Designer” collection.

No. 045 Non-Format
Non-Format” is a young, London-based graphic design studio. They work on a range of projects including art direction, design and illustration for music industry, arts & culture, fashion and advertising clients. They also art directed the monthly music magazine “The Wire” between 2001 and 2005.
Specification: 120 pages, 15 x 16 cm
ISBN: 2-35017-024-1
Available at here.

No. 046 Takeshi Hamada
Takeshi Hamada was born in 1970. After studied under Mr. Kazuya Takaoka, went to Germany in 1999. Now in Japan, works as a freelance graphic designer. His design work includes CD packaging, editorial and paper media design such as posters. Publicize an internet magazine “tiger“.
Specification: 120 pages, 15 x 16 cm
ISBN: 2-35017-025-X
Available at here.

No. 047 Kuntzel+Deygas
Kuntzel+Deygas” is a Paris based artist duo who created “Caperino & Peperone” which is well known as a chracter of a famous select shop in Paris “colette“. “Kuntzel+Deygas” have been working for a large number of projects for major clients such as Coca-Cola, advertising for “YSL parfum”, and the title sequence of a movie “Catch Me If You Can”.
Specification: 120 pages, 15 x 16 cm + CD-ROM
ISBN: 2-35017-026-8
Available at here.

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