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NEXT – day two

The NEXT train was moving forward for the next fifteen movies. No donuts this time!

Dafne Boggeri and her “Evolution” from Italy started day two. Hmm, lets see what is next at NEXT. Shelly Wain and her lovely “The love nest” from England also became one of my favourites of the festival. What a work – looks hard to make it but it gave such an easy feeling. Hands up!

Kalvis Kluburs and his “Long-haul trucker’s dream” was a music video for one Latvian band. Visual Kitchen from Belgium presented their impressing “Organ”. Zdenka Zvarova from Slovakia escaped her ideas in “Escape” video. Maybe too much of this kind of video nowadays. A bit remembered about soap buble. Nice to watch but it leaves nothing in your memory.

Then Shon Kim from USA presented his dinamic and abstract “Latent Sorrow”. Zygis Luksas from Lithunia and his “Hole” looked very low budged in effects but with quite urgent idea. Can’t say I liked it or not, but it stucked in my mind for a while.

I loved Pedro Lino’s “Film about us” from Portugal. Hand style animated loops and lots of irony. “Dark Room” video from Switzerland by Bart Wasen was really nice in 2D vs 3D effetcs but again seemed a boit out of the box. Jeanne Madic’s “Take your time and look at me” from France was warm and silent.

Paul Paper from Lithuania presented his lazy “Little blue journey around the house” – short and colourful! Zium Izium’s “Tadeli, Tadeli” from Lithuania showed how funny side of envy is. I started to watch the trains from thw window, but was back for the next movies.

Exotic “Tenedos” islind from Trukey by Ethem Ozguven let everyone forget about the snow of Lithuania. Terry O’Leary’s “Maelstrom” from Ireland remembered about surreal dreams. Something familiar. I guess everyone had this kind of dream. Interesting and original work.

Patryk Rebisz from Poland and his eye-caching “Between you and me” video finalized competition program. Nice story and even more nice execution.


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