In the cold, winter season, “HIDEKI INABA / NEWLINE 2 EXHIBITION” was held in gallery “information“, part of interior shop “TRICO” from the 16th to 25th of December. Followed by the September exhibition at SOSO the Tokyo exhibition was called off once, so creator and design fanatics could finally get a chance to catch it. I’m going to report on the opening party where everyone seemed to have had a good time, be relaxed and enjoy some beer.

Gallery “information” is in “CODAN” in the Shinonome part of Tokyo, a new and popular coastal area among design conscious people. Prominent architects like Toyo Ito and Kengo Kuma also participated in the city planning of this part of town. It is a little bit out of the way from the center city to get to this area, which is nicer with a terraced deck and night lighting. At the venue, the second floor of “TRICO”, the INABA world welcomed visitors with corrugated cardboards easily piled up and colorful graphic printings scattered on the floor.

I found and talked to Hideki Inaba who was quietly standing around. There was an alphabet making performance at the venue, which was the most exciting part of the opening party in Sapporo. The moment I saw this performance here, a new “U” was produced with his chatting. There was a refreshing atmosphere in the freshness of the production process and offhand visualizing started from his “feeling”. It was like including a new aura of graphic design.

Visitors could take the printing graphics on the floor to their home freely. Being encouraged, we tried to make “F*CK” with the graphic letters, but he corrected us saying “the second letter is actually a “T”. Without giving up, we kept trying to make some words. This playfulness with design was quite comfortable.

When Jiro Ohashi from Salmagazine said at the NEWLINE Exhibition in Rocket gallery last year that “In the system of graphic design, it is unlikely to be able to produce an exhibition as an expression of the works and artist’s character.”, the natural answer from Hideki Inaba was genuine, “that is the way of the current eminent design skill”. That is unfettered creativity which is in a naked place where everything can be let out, destroyed and remade.

In today’s world, borders are fading including those between art and design. This exhibition might have a pure pleasure just to enjoy design lively, relaxing and having nothing to do with such irritations.

Hideki Inaba “NEWLINE2” Tokyo Exhibition
Date: 16th – 25th December, 2005
Open: 12:00-20:00
Place: information
Address: 2F mYwaY Canl Court 3, 1-9-17, Shimonome, Koutou, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3532-1901
Supported by Beams TPRINT’EM

Text: Yoshihiro Kanematsu
Photos: Yoshihiro Kanematsu and Yosuke Kurita
Translation: Yoshitaka Futakawa

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