FITC 2004

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Day Three, April 5 2004

Andries Odendaal kicked off the last day of the festival by showing a selection of his past work, and deconstructing the works to reveal the process required to create them. His presentation was looking to be a duplicate of last year’s until he unveiled a work in progress involving interactive characters in a 3D environment.

In order to explore 3D more comprehensively, he’s turned to Macromedia Director, moving away from flash, and his previous isometric works. The characters at the center of focus were impressively brought to life by Andries. Unfortunately, since the project is under development, it is not available online to view.

An uncanny string of spectacular presentations marked the rest of the day. I’ll mention a couple of the best. The duo from Hi-ReS! London showed a wide variety of amazing projects ranging from websites, to interactive installations. The two guys from We Fail had an extremely entertaining desperate comedy style, as well as strange and interesting work.

The day and the festival ended with a spirited distribution of freebees and the closing speech from the festival director, Shawn Pucknell.

All told, the FlashintheCan festival proved to be an informative, inspiring and entertaining event. Sign me up for next year.

FlashintheCan, The Design and Technology Festival
Date: April 3-5, 2004
Place: The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

Text and Photos: Neil Collyer of Amoeba Corp.

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