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We spent the next days going around the town acting like perfect tourists. We went with the ferry to the zoo, saw koala, took pictures with kangaroos, went to the beach looking at surfers and swimming in the not so cold ocean. WOW what amazing waves they have there! Eat all over town and got a little bit drunk every night : ) It was funny to see all those people having a great time together even if we had just met there.

The night of the exhibition the place was totally packed, over 1700 people were there. As I stepped inside I met Andrew who was all pale in the face and looking trough the air. I asked what was going on and he told me that he was shocked cause the crowd had already finished all the beers. Over 2500 beers in twenty minute!!! The night went on talking with people dancing to some cool reegga sounds, and looking at all the finished pieces. Here I met the people from Melbourne who really rocked the place. The wall that Shepphard created was rich of colors made up by a collage of all his posters, then carefully ripped off giving to it and “old” look.

The colors of the piece of Scien&Klor were fabulous giving light to the place. Scien had an amazing autograph session that night. Incredible funny! I don’t remember exactly what was written on the wall of a piece of Banksy but the short story was just so clever and funny. He can do art wherever we are, even inside zoo cages. That night went well and as always it was very well organized. The only negative thing is that that night lots of people left their marks on the walls of the place, so the next day the DIK crew had to do a massive cleaning session.

That night I could not sleep getting ready for the conference the next day and getting more and more nervous as the time passed. We arrived early in the morning to the conference place after a huge breakfast. As we approached to the building we noticed how many people were gathering in front of the entrance. There were more than a 1000 of people all waiting to get a pass to get inside all lined one after the other, waiting with a smile on the face. I started to get even more anxious. The place was huge, clean and super organized. There were places to eat, to shop to relax. I could not believe what the DIK crew had put together.


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