The days in Batofar passed like an arrow. It was a shame that I could not see all the performances and works. However, before I arrived in Paris, the introduction of the video producers of the video art centre, the film show (selected by Reiko Setsuda), the concert by DJ Disco Romancer and others were held on Friday the 7th of December. The latest Japanese animation show (presented by Forum de Image and Doga participated), Grinderman’s performance and others were held on Saturday the 8th of December. The art video “Adventure around me and metafar” (selected by Reiko Setsuda), Hashim B’s concert and others were held on Sunday the 16th of December. In addition, the debate was held under the theme of “No change No chance” on the 15th. I felt like being in Japan even though I was in Paris. Moreover, the owner of Bimbo Tower Frank from Trajibiss is an enthusiast to Japanese culture so that I could find many Japanese CDs, magazines and others there located in Bastille during the duration of this event. That place made me feel being under an illusion that I was in Japan.

It was great fun, this is all I felt this event. Eighty artists who were invited to this event have not been introduced to France before. However, they did a fantastic job introducing the Tokyo culture and the dynamic Tokyo-taste art. Where is the next destination the boat Batofar will go to on the wave of the art…?

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Translation: Sachiko Kurashina

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