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The exhibition “innen | aussen : inside | outside”, a project of students of the design schools FH Wuerzburg, FHTW Berlin, HDK Berlin and the media-labs modul05 and filesharing will be held in Berlin and Wuerzburg locally and virtually via the Internet.
This project is an experiment to approach the terms time and space with different media. It’s occupied with terms like identity, personal open space, illusion, thoughts, movement, nature, independence of place and time and its cancellation.

In bright, square rooms, at white walls, the different exhibits are hanged and projected on the wall. A white cube, loaded with several monitors is in the center of the whole. He unites the two independent exhibitions and the different exhibits. Several scenarios happen in its interior:

– Speech recognition systems register the spoken in the room. They scramble the words (“coded language”). The result will be displayed as a kind of pattern. Its density and form tells you about the conversations during the exhibition. Impressions of different dates are visualized and made so fine for the visitor.
There will be a video conference between the both exhibition locations and the Internet. The distance of the two places becomes insignificant.

– The showrooms are presented in a 3D world (Quake 3 engine). The visitor is enabled it to enter both exhibitions, to look at the exhibits and to communicate with other persons in the room.

– A video installation on the basis of Quicktime-Behere technology shows the exhibition as a freely navigatable film. The visitor is in the room, he looks for himself around and listens to different stories about the exhibits and the exhibition. The user decides which story he wants to listen to, where he zooms and where he turns. He is involved acting.

The vernissage will be streamed live via video. It happens in the real locations in Berlin and Wuerzburg and in the Quake 3 Engine. The video stream of the parallel exhibition will be projected on the local walls like a “worm hole” or a “window” The characters in the 3D-world (the models) will act on the walls, too.

innen | aussen : inside | outside
Date: 21-28 April, 2001
Berlin: file sharing, Raumer Strasse 40, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Wuerzburg: Heinestrasse 3a, W・zburg

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.