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The new Girls On Film redesign was launched last month to better organize their wildly successful and rapidly growing site and all their offshoots (Girls On TV, Girls On Books, etc) and this time there’s an emphasis on community.

You can join the Girls On Film community, participate in chats and forums, give your own 2 cents on reviews and stuff, set up a homepage there, etc…a book series is to follow soon………. If you don’t know already, the Sonicnet redesign was launched last (last?) month to mixed but generally good reviews. The emphasis with the redesign is in simplicity, information design and Flash………… Razorfish has also its share of acquistions lately: after acquiring Avalanche last month and moving their staff out of their Hudston St. studios to Razorfish’s Grand St. Soho studios, they have now bought out London’s CHBi and San Fran’s Plastic……… Word is coming back! Houston, Texas-based oil company Zapata Corporation just bought the zine…. look for the re-launch of Word real soon.

Text: Drunken Masta From DHKY.

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