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Rocking the latest gear on the streets this season seems like an utterly hopeless wish for the return of Summer heat. If you missed out this summer, then you missed lots of skin and sheers, slips and flip-flops. I’m talking about ladies fashion here, and it just seems like the winter is one big layered cover-up. Taking it inside from the streets, however, we see a turn towards a more sophisticated and sultry application of the summer trends, as long blacks, browns, blues take over. And the leather beats the cold, while it still shows the mold. For men, the sneaks and army flavors are still in, supported in layers by anything you can find in the thrift stores – from old basketball jerseys to cowboy-lappelled polyesters. The best places to shop for these are the K-mart (pants) on 8th and Salvation Army (everything) on Prince.

Afterthought: I’ve got to agree with Nicolas (UK INFO-WORLD, December) that the trainer boycott is on, except for those rare finds: Look to some of the new Nike Air-Max series (We generally need some more style schooling from those Brits anyway).

Text: Filip Stoj.

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