"Akeboshi", who is becoming popular in the underground Japanese music scene, performed live at Soso cafe. He is attracting people's attention by his style which mixes irish folk, electronica and club jazz. After graduating from high school, he entered university of music in Liverpool, UK. After graduation, coming and going between Japan and Europe, he is working on his music performing live and constantly recording.

15 minutes before the show opened, despite the coldness from which people were expecting snow, there was a long queue in front of the entrance. Just after the doors opened, the venue was packed with the audience eagerly waiting for the live show to start. His popularity is proved by not only the attendance at this performance but also by performing at Fuji Rock Festival and doing a DJ set for a radio station.

The live performance was divided into two parts. The band wich consisted of three people, while Akeboshi was in charge of piano and controlling a laptop. Another person played cello and the other acoustic guitar. Starting on time, the first song was an instrumental tune involving electronica and jazz. Large drops of snow started falling as if it had been waiting for Akeboshi's singing. Looking through the window, it was very beautiful. The audience was absorbed into the nostalgic melody influenced by irish tradional music with beautiful and energetic vocals.

After the first 40 minute session, Akeboshi previewed a movie which he recorded of his life in the UK by himself. It was projected on the wall behind the stage, and shortened the distance between Akeboshi and the audience. In the second session, Akeboshi world was presented crossing over several factors like sound, relics and voice. His graduation thesis at the university was about Matthew Herbert. He played a cover version of his song and his brand new tune which would be released in the next year. When the live closed with a long applause the snow stopped.

Akeboshi will be releasing a new mini album next year. There are two mini albums so far. Check it out!

Akeboshi Live "Across the river"
Date: November 16th (San) 2003
Time: 19:30 - 22:00
Place: Soso cafe
Address: 1F Sansei Bld., S1 W13 Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Fee: Advance 1,500yen, Door 2,000yen (with1 free drink)
Contact: Soso cafe (+81-11-280-2240)

Text: Shinya Sagai
Photos and Translation: Naoko Fukushi

Akeboshi: Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1978. The second mini album "White reply" was released in June, 2003. He is creating his own world by putting his experience in Liverpool into his songs and adapting the electronica style by mixing acoustic instruments and noise sampling. In July, he graduated from LIPA and came back to Japan, then he performed at Fuji Rock Festival. (Gypsy Avalon, 7/27). After that, coming and going between Japan and Europe, he is working in music doing live performances and recording constantly.

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